Proven Ways Of Killing Roaches

Roaches are disgusting and ugly looking bugs that only cause nuisance and shame if present in the house. They are hard insects with a tough shell. Roaches can survive on minimal resources for very extended periods. If you found roaches in your car here are some of the ways you can eliminate them.

Tips to help you kill roaches

Home recipe

The home recipe is a very simple technique that will assist you in killing roaches. Just mix equal quantities of sugar, flour, and boric acid, and make a knead like dough.

Spray the nest

hgghghghghghFind out where the nests of the roaches are located. You will find them near wet areas and wet grounds. Wherever you see maximum concentration, use a spray over them. This is the strongest one you could get in the market.

Such roach killing sprays are very easily available in the market. Once you destroy the cockroach nests, clean up the area very well using bleach and keep it dry. This will ensure that these roaches do not multiply.

Boric acid

Insects that come in contact with the powder will die after particles are ingested. Boric acid is a very effective way to kill roaches.


You get these different baits in the market to deal with roaches. They contain a gel that attracts roaches to it. It is in the form of insect food. They eat up the food and take it to their nest as well. There is lethal poison mixed up that kills the bug as well as the others in its nest.


This is perhaps the simplest way to kill roaches. You get these insecticides in the form of sprays on the market. Also, they are very effective. It is worth to invest in them if your problem is serious. You will only need to spray over the roach, and it dies in no time. However, if you are following this method, be very careful to keep such sprays away from the reach of children. Also, ensure to follow all safety precautions mentioned on the product.

Soap water

ggfgfggfgfThis is one of the simplest ways to kill roaches. If you see a roach and don’t have a spray at home to kill it, and you are too scared to use a broom, follow this simple way. Take any soap and mix in water, even your liquid bath soap will work. Mix this and quickly splash this solution on the bug. Put enough to cover its abdomen and head. If you do so, the roach will suffocate and die as roaches breath through the skin.

In many homes, roaches control is the top priority not only to keep properties safe but to keep families safe from diseases. Hopefully, these techniques will work for you.